Freelance | home base work

Are you spending 8-12 hours on the internet everyday?

Now, what if you can use 1-2 hours of it to start a side business for additional income?

In the highly connected Philippines, you can access internet on your laptop or handphone anytime. And this allows so many people to start business anytime, anywhere, at home or at their favorite cafe.

And some of these side business can potentially earn a decent 5-6 figure income. You can live on that, or even support a family.

To start off, you need a business idea, but unfortunately not everyone has an idea.

If you do not any business ideas yet, you would be better off starting with number 3.

Graphics Design


Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist photo credit from google search


If you are a born with the talent for arts and design, you are in luck. Top graphic designers make up to Php.2,500 per hour. Consider specializing in infographics because (most) people hate to look at stats. Infographics give people a helpful way to visualize that chunk of information.


web developer

web developer photos from google search

Computer programming is the rage these days. There are tons of demand for computer programmers and freelance programmers can expect to make up to Php. 3,00 per hour. With a laptop and programming skills, you can start right away!

Internet ‘arbitrage’ marketer

If this is the first time you are seeing this, you are not alone. This internet business is relatively unknown and a rising number or Pinoy’s are making a decent 5-6 figures from this lucrative business.

We are not talking about those lame internet tasks like filling in fake surveys all day long.

Allow me to briefly explain how this internet business works.

If you ever owned a website/ blog before, the number 1 problem everybody faces is traffic. Or simply the lack of it.

Just imagine opening a store but having ZERO customers visiting it. You would probably close the shop very soon.

However, this new business is not about creating a website. It’s about moving up the supply chain to become the supplier of traffic/ visitors instead.

Imagine popular websites begging you to send visitors to their website.

Being an Internet ‘arbitrage’ marketer:

You Do Not Need to do any coding or programming
You Do Not Need to build or design any websites
You Do Not Need to find customers yourself
You Do Not Need to use complicated internet tools
The best part is you will get paid before doing any work

To good to be true pero try mo muna bago ka komontra

Plus you can scale this business and sell to customers anywhere in the world!

Do you want to learn how you can join other Pinoy’s to become an Internet ‘arbitrage’ marketer by ‘supplying tools to gold diggers’.